Heavy-Duty Towing Made Easy

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Pulling a heavy load takes a big engine. So when you need your semi-truck or utility van towed, hire a towing company that has the equipment to do it.

RDM Towing & Recovery LLC offers full-service commercial vehicle towing in and around Ossining, NY. No matter what type of heavy vehicle you have, we can load it up and take it to wherever you need to go.

Reach out to us today for commercial towing services in Ossining & Sleepy Hollow, NY.

We move big things

When your big rig or construction equipment breaks down, you can't call just any tow truck to come to pick you up. Rely on RDM Towing & Recovery for a wide range of commercial towing services. We can safely load up and haul:

  • 18-wheelers
  • Heavy equipment
  • Storage containers
  • Moving vans
  • Commercial buses
We have the tools and equipment needed to load up your vehicle and get you to your local repair shop. Contact us in Ossining, NY today for emergency commercial vehicle towing.